3 ways You can Save Money Online

Stop Taking Medications You Don't Need

Quite often Doctors prescribe pills and other substances to treat chronic diseases, the good news is that a lot of these conditions can get better over time, and in some cases, Doctors could unprescribed them.

Take John for example, he has high blood pressure, and his doctor told him to take 2 different pills every day, after 2 years, and regular visits to the doctor, he was told to just take one pill every 2 days..... Do You See the Savings in that?.

So go visit your Doctor regularly, you might save a lot of money, there is even a chance that your condition could be treated with New Techniques that don't involve expensive drugs.

Take Mary for example, She also suffered from High Blood Pressure, and she also took pills that her Doctor Prescribed her, But she was Smart, she started trying new techniques to lower her blood pressure at the same time she was taking her pills, 8 months later she felt so much better, and her doctor took away both pills at the same time! so that's even better! imagine what she is doing with the money she is saving.

Bottom Line, visit your doctor regularly and try new things, you might save a lot of money.

Also, There are TONS of new techniques out there that you could try at the same time you go with the treatment you have. These are Just a Few of them:

Improve your hearing capacity with organic food recipes made by Navajos

Lower Your blood pressure by taking three basic food you find in any kitchen

Garden Herbs that keep mental illness away

Saying goodbye to nerve pain with this homemade recipe

Rent your car if you don't use it often

Your car and your home are among your biggest assets, but they don't bring money to your pocket, most of the times it's quite the opposite.... well.... not anymore, turns out there is a safe way to rent your car if you don't use it that much.

Can you imagine that?. If you regularly spend a whole day at home, let's say, Wednesday, you could rent your car to someone you trust on Wednesday and get paid for it, getting some money flowing into your pockets.

Now, I know that getting someone trustworthy to rent your car to may not be easy, but it's doable, in fact, if you click here, you can check these guys testimony about a company who can help you rent your car, the whole concept really caught me by surprise. I usually spend Tuesdays and Wednesday home, and I'm making money sitting on my sofa, renting my car.

Play the Smart Way. Lottery Engineered

So.... The lotto... winning the lotto is like an impossible dream, it's just pure luck....well... not anymore.

As you most certainly know by now, most of the lotteries today use computers, and that is in fact computers the ones that generate the winning numbers, And That's Great News!, because computers systems can be analyzed and reversed engineered by engineers and predict the results of the lotto, It's pure science! the guys who take the man to the moon can pretty much understand how a computer generates some numbers for the lotto.

Now, lottos spend thousands of dollars making their systems secure and hack-proof, but there are still a few people out there who manage to break the system to a certain extent.

What this means is that there are people who don't predict the big prize numbers and do not win millions of dollars, but they predict enough numbers to make a few bucks a month.

They may never win the big prize with their method, the lotto keeps improving their system, but a couple of thousand dollars every month is not bad at all!

If you are interested in following the steps on these engineers and how they predict results by analyzing the computer codes of the lottos, I recommend you click here and check out these guys they are really into science and try to put their method in the simplest words.

Like I said, I'm not making millions of dollars, but hitting a medium prize every week is really exciting!

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