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Trends in School Finance

Over the next few months, I plan to share some rough drafts of forthcoming work – Here, I present a brief reality check on what is often referred to as the “long term trend” argument proving that money doesn’t matter for schools.  Here’s Bill Gates’ version of that argument: Over…

School Finance Prerequisites: On the provision of public education

Education as a Taxpayer Financed (Quasi) Public Good Let’s step back for a moment and consider broadly the provision of public goods and services through a system of taxpayer support. In the United States, for elementary and secondary education in particular, that system combines federal (about 10%), state and local…

School Finance Prerequisites: On Liberty vs. Equality

Liberty vs. Equality A common refrain among school choice advocates is that expansion of choice through vouchers and charter schooling is the “civil rights issue of our time.”[i] That introduction of competition through choice is a tide which raises all boats! These claims infer a connection between expanding the “liberty” associated…

Secondary education for children in emergencies

Amin, 18, became a refugee when his family fled Syria for Lebanon five years ago. He has not set foot in school since. With his father unable to get legal status or work, responsibility for supporting the family of seven fell to Amin. A seventh grader when he left his school…

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